Parowan Utah 13 Jan 1851

I sung this song by LaMar and Roma Jensen in Elementary School.
My memory would not have been good enough to type it so when I 
saw Jill post it on FaceBook today, I saved it here.  

On the 13th day of January, 1851
The seeds of earth awaited birth 
Beneath the winter sun
Into this frozen valley
Came a hardy Mormon band
And they headed south
To the canyon’s mouth
And said “This is our land.”

Sage and greasewood
Stirrup high
A lake of salt and alkali
Indians called it Parowan
“Evil water” bad for man

But the mountain streams
Rushed clear and pure
O’er boulders flecked with foam
There was virgin pine at timberline
To build a man a home.
So on this day
A town was born
Of logs and clay and sod
And they bowed their heads
As they sought their beds
And gave their thanks to God.


Their sons and daughters soon would leave
Just as they do today
To colonize, make cities rise
From near to far away
With mind and heart and fortitude
To wear the thorny crown
And it all began
With Parowan,
The Mormon Mother Town