When it comes to people and life, you will find what you look for.

Todays lesson was Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Looking for the Good", Ensign, March 2011, 4–6

Again we ran out of time.  I could feel the truthfulness of this topic, yet I could also see that I have a huge problem with living it.  My every waking moment is spent finding what is wrong with any given item and talking about it or fixing it.  While that is what I am paid for at my job to keep all the widgets routing peoples phone calls and data efficiently, it is not what my family needs from me while I am at home.  There in lies the problem.  My 6 year old often calls me "The Computer Fixer".  On the surface, that is cute and I like to think I am a good fixer.  Problem is, my wife and kids don't need a fixer, they need a father.  People in general need encouragement for what is right, not people that troubleshoot and talk about what is wrong and how to fix it to all the people around them.  Perhaps I can do a little bit better in the future by directing my fix it energy toward the widgets and the awesome job messages to the people.  

Finding the good when I talk to my family about the 2 am phone calls?  That will be a hard one but it pays for the Orange Juice I love the next morning.